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Purchasing Scheme

What is the purchasing scheme?

As we all adjust to a ‘new normal’ due to Covid-19, we are all adapting to new ways of working. Whilst this has been hard it has also brought about a series of positive developments too, which we are now able to take forwards. One of these is our partnership with a 3rd party hardware provider, Academia, in order to enable students to purchase IT devices at a reduced rate compared to the High Street.

Burnley College has always been well-resourced with IT facilities and equipment and this will continue, constantly adapting to the needs of our students and our curriculum. We know that we need to be prepared to respond quickly to any future changes and are working to improve our digital and IT capabilities further to level the playing field for all our students, whilst enhancing our capacity to support remote and digital learning.

Coping with the current situation has meant we have all had to adapt to new ways of working and going about our everyday lives. It has been hard, but there have been positive developments too. Education has had to do the same and the use of digital learning resources has quickly become an important part of most learning experiences.

Although many students have access to IT equipment at home we understand that this is not true for everyone. In order to provide opportunities for students to access devices at a cheaper rate we have partnered with Academia to strike a deal that is more affordable for most students or their parents/guardians. The devices selected within this scheme have been chosen as they are ideal for study at the College and can be used to access many of the resources you will need on your course, both at home and on campus. These devices can be paid for in one payment or over a number of months to spread the cost. Whether or not you choose to take advantage of this scheme all students will have enhanced access to college IT resources and software, in order to ensure you have outstanding resources to support you with your studies.

How do I access the Scheme?

Please follow the instructions shown below. You can directly access the store by clicking the following link – https://burnley.store.academia.co.uk/

You can find FAQ’s for the site here – https://burnley.store.academia.co.uk/faqs/

Also please find a link to the “How It Works” section of the store – https://burnley.store.academia.co.uk/how-it-work/

Updated on September 23, 2020

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